Martinica -Throw a Eiji's 46th Birthday Party!-

Martinica -Throw a Eiji's 46th Birthday Party!-


Nashimoto Hollywood

genre : JAZZ, Soul, and beyond.
open: 21:00
charge : 2000yen(1d)

CLUBの走り、西麻布P.Picasso にて業界デビュー。 後、328、CAVE などでDJ活動を経て、南青山BLUE を U.F.O.と共にプロデュース。 そして、United Future Organization (U.F.O.)監修のコンピレイション『Multidirection』にて Jazz Brothersで楽曲デビュー。 ピーター・ナイス・トリオ(HOSPITAL)、Florinda Bolkan(IRMA)、U.F.O.、ピチカート・ファイヴ、 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ、忌野清志郎、井出麻里子などの 楽曲リミックスを手掛ける。 98年より3年間は Yohji Yamamoto の Paris Collection にて選曲/DJをLIVEで行う。 選曲コンピレイションには『Ultimate Garage And Breaks - Universal Step』(ユニバーサル)、『Flying Dutchman Funk Jazz Classics』(BMGビクター)などがある。 2006年にイギリスの名門Soul Jazz RecordsよりJBP名義で12インチ・シングルをワールドワイド・リリース。 2009年12月、TEQUILA PRODUCTIONよりアナログ『TAKEHANA & GOLDEN LOTUS REMIX AND REWORK』を、2010年には『DeepTrackJazz』をEiji Takehana名義でリリース。 2011年3月『TequilaProduction』コンピレーションCD『Rockin' Jazz』をプロデュース。2013年4月 PRIMO & THE GROUPE『 Movement』アナログカット"12"+CD"に"Movement 5/8 ver.-Eiji Takehana Rework"。

Eiji Takehana is DJ and producer, remixer since more than 20 years. His strength is to feel perfectly the needs and wishes of the crowd to bring them with jazz pieces in absolutely dancing mood. In 1994, He made his debut as Jazz Brothers on compilation "Multidirection" (Brownswood/Talkin' Loud) supervised by United Future Organization. In the mid 90's, Other labels have utilized Eiji's skills as a remixer. An impressive list of credits includes Peter Nice Trio(HOSPITAL), Florinda Bolkan(IRMA), United Future Organization, Pizzicato Five, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Kiyoshiro Imawano, Mariko Ide, among many, many others. Three years from 1998 has seen Eiji performing at Yohji Yamamoto Collection in paris. In 2006, Jazz Brothers signed to Soul Jazz Records UK and released 12" vinyl "Aphrotalk / Amongstone" worldwide. In 2009, Eiji released "Takehana & Golden Lotus Remix and Rework" (Tequila Production). Next year, released Highly Acclaimed 12" single "Deep Track Jazz"(Tequila Production). The compilation Eiji supervised includes "Ultimate Garage And Breaks-Universal Step", "Flying Dutchman Funk Jazz Classics" etc. In 2013, Eiji provides "Movement 5/8 ver.-Eiji Takehana Rework" for PRIMO & THE GROUPE.


城内宏信 Hironobu Jyounai:ジャズパーティーを都内各所でオーガナイズ。自身のプロジェクトPRIMO & THE GROUPEとして 2009年"A Child Runs Free e.p." をリリース。FREESTYLE (UK)『MUSIC FOR JAZZDANCERS』、TRAMP (GER)『CONTEMPORARY JAZZ』他、多数のコンピレーションにも収録。"Gilles Peterson World Wide" をはじめ、著名DJもプレイリストに挙げるなど国内外のハードディガー達から高い評価を得た。2010年 "March Of The Goober Woobers e.p."、2011年 "SUN e.p." 、2013年 "Movement 12"+CD"をリリース。ささやかな価値観を大きなうねりへと繋げるべく、マイペースに活動中。

PRIMO is a project from DJ Hironobu Jyounai who is very very happening cat in tokyo as a DJ and record producer. With the PRIMO label he has released some very tasty vocal jazz, fusion and Brazilian gems. Hironobu already had successful releases. "A Child Runs Free e.p" was featured on Gilles Peterson World Wide, "Music For Jazzdancers"(Freestyle-UK), Contemporary Jazz"(Tramp-Ger) and had a great reaction from domestic and foreign hard diggers as "Great dance track with a conscience!" In 2010-2011, We've got Long-awaited new work "March Of The Goober Woobers e.p." "Sun e.p.". About next work, "Movement 12"+CD" was released on May 25, 2013.