2024.07.13 Sat 18:00 〜
2000yen with 1D


  • vinylDJ Eiji Takehana
  • Nashimoto Hollywood
  • DJ Hammer
  • Saki Yamada
  • & Kenta Tominaga

*When taking photos/videos and posting them on SNS, etc., please obtain permission from the person in question.

*Please be considerate when people other than the subject appear in the photo.

*Please do not use flash.

*No smoking.

*If you  click the “Interested” on this event page on Resident Advisor, you will receive a discount. If you show the screen when entering on the day, the admission fee will be 1500 yen (with 1drink).





※ Resident Advisorイベントページの「興味がある」ボタンを押して頂いたお客様はディスカウント対応となり、当日入場時に画面をご提示頂くと1500円(with 1drink)になります。